Celestun Night Safari

As the sun sets over the horizon crickets and owls start inundating the ambiance with their calls and sounds, the birds get quite, and just bats are flying at down, at these moment occurs the night shift all night predators start waking up and moving for hunting on Celestun reserve we have a few top predators as the jaguars, crocodiles, ocelots and the boa constrictor. Today we will look mainly for crocodiles which hunt along the mangroves and shallow waters, there are two species the American Crocodile & Morelet’s Crocodile.


The crocodiles  hunted for their leather and teeth but became protected in 1979, as the hunting  stopped their populations have come back and became abundant. 


Come on this nocturnal adventure, as we delve into a world unseen by most visitors. Our boat awaits us at the estuary dock to carry us into an ecosystem teaming with life round-the-clock. The daylight hours are dominated by the enormous diversity of birds, their calls filling the air. But in the darkness we will find our senses heightened as we scan the water's surface for the Morelet’s and American crocodile, or listen for the call of the Great Horned Owl. The stillness of the darkness enfolds us as the boat's motor is silenced, while the star-studded sky above us, brighter than ever in this pristine setting, leaves us with a sense of awe at the perfectness of Nature.


As we travel slowly in search for crocodiles we may find the famous rare and nocturnal Boat-billed Heron, Yellow-crowned Night Heron, or Perhaps the magnificent Fishing Bat. Perfectly adapted with night vision the nocturnal animals we may encounter ignore our presence, as they forage and hunt while the majority of animals are at rest.


 We will look at the edge of the mangroves where crocodiles wait for their prey, as soon as we spot the shiny red eyes of the crocodiles from a distance we will turn the motor off and move slow to follow the crocodile path.  This ancient creatures, which are living vestiges of the archosaurs that lived millions of years ago.


Our expedition will last for 2.5 hrs


Starting at 8 pm ending at 10:30 pm


Important information: Take along plenty of biodegradable insect repellent.

Suggested attire: Long pants and long-sleeved shirt, comfortable shoes (top siders, tennis shoes)

Special equipment: Binoculars

Itinerary: Depart from the dock in town, traveling north into the estuary, stopping at different point of interest along the route.

Price $ 130 usd per person, starting with 2 pax with more than two get a better price send an email to get a customize tour: alexdzay@hotmail.com

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