Celestun Flamingos Boat Ride

Celestun Flamingos Boat Ride


 In 1979 Celestun was decreed as a Fauna Refuge to protected the most important inhabitants of the estuary, “the pink Flamingos”, the estuary is located in the middle of the preserve and measure close to 16 miles long and less than a mile wide, it is surrounded by a great mangrove forest. The mangroves are the home for thousands of creatures, from mosquitos to shrimp, lobsters, many kinds of fish including the bull shark, find their home in these beautiful ecosystems. It is here where close to 40 thousands flamingos congregated during the winter months, to gain weight and molt to get the most beautiful colors of all the flamingos of the world, a color that pink does not describe, but instead a deep salmon color. These huge numbers of birds stay from November to April and then the main flock leaves towards Rio Lagartos where they will nest and have their chicks.


Long before the 1979 the locals from Celestun were isolated and there were very few people in town less than 400, they used to hunt and fish all of it in a sustainable way, and one of the most hunted was the flamingo, which was part of the daily menu at their homes, local people from Celestun din not know that people from the other part of the peninsula at Rio Lagartos used to collected their eggs to eat and slowly and slowly their population was ben demised, to be left with close to 6 thousands flamingoes left, since their protection there is an average population of over 70, 000 birds that move back and forth in the Yucatan.


On our expedition today we will take a boat to visit the flamingo colony where we will learn about their habits and ecology, continuing our visit to the bird island, where frigate birds, pelicans, cormorants and egrets spend night or nest during their breeding season, we will then visit the mangrove channel and the fresh water spring, where you can swim if you like.

The visit to the estuary is about 1.5 hrs by boat.


Important information: Take along plenty of biodegradable insect repellent.

Suggested attire: Suggested attire: Bermudas or shorts, short-sleeved shirt or T-shirt, bathing suit and towel, comfortable shoes.


Special equipment: Binoculars, cameras etc.

Itinerary: Depart from the dock in town, traveling north into the estuary, stopping at different point of interest along the route.


Price $ 125 usd per person, starting with 2 pax with more than two get a better price send an email to get a customize tour: alexdzay@hotmail.com

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